Mitto's Toyota GT86

In May of 2017, after having the opportunity to drive a standard one, Mitto decided he would buy himself a used GT86.

His intention was to work only on the styling of the vehicle, so that the car would retain its reliability for daily use. However, 24 Hours after the purchase, he had already fitted a carbon bonnet!

Having spent a few years living "in Japan" a lot of Mitto's style reflects his passion for the land of the rising sun.

The fabric for this custom dash panel is actually made from Bosozoku clothing purchased in down town Yokohama.

Of course styling shouldn't come at the expense of performance. So custom extended arms and tie rods were added as well as some brakes.

Mitto is an AE86 lover, so the choice of the Blitz aero package was particularly inspired by the N2 cars of the 80s.

Here's the aforementioned TRD brake package, as used on the TRD Griffon race car. Have a look for it on YouTube, you wont be disappointed! 

Mitto's car, like the Griffon, uses a 6 piston front and 4 piston rear caliper set-up. Only the 4/2 combo is available now!

The Blitz Aero finally fitted and the cars running well, with only the suspension needing work, which with a new platform, can take some time...

... however, during that time the weather become colder, the temperatures dropped and disaster struck!

A group of rats decided that Mitto's airbox would be the perfect place to build a new home for the winter. Of course, knowing nothing about it, Mitto started the engine and sucked his new friends house in.

Unfortunately, engines don't seem to enjoy this kind of ingress and the internals were very quickly destroyed...

So, this is where the journey with us begins. The car was bought into the Carson Performance workshop, where Simon and Mitto decided that the best thing to do, would be to strip the car to parts and re-engineer everything, over the course of hundreds of hours...

The obvious engine choice for Mitto being Nissan's 2.0l turbo engine, the SR20DET.

Just any old SR20 wouldn't do and very luckily, Mitto was offered one of his old competition engines back after it had sat in storage for a few years. With the new Garrett G25-660 strapped the side of it, we have high hopes for more than 550 horsepower.

Every pipe, hose and mounting has been crafted by hand resulting in hours of work.

Not only as the engine developed, but Mitto continued to work on the styling and a Blitz front bumper was sourced from STACKED INC Japan. New Enkei RS05RR Limited edition wheels were also fitted.

The GT86 stock wiring is very heavy and complex. Rather than fight with the OE Equipment, the decision was made to fit the car with a bespoke body and engine harness.

We are now running an ECU Master system, which includes the ECU, Power Distribution Module, Canbus Keypad, Remote access control and a digital dash!

Next the car went to Caged Laser which was such a joy. Nothing was to much, no idea is to wild and they translate the ideas from your brain into reality effortlessly!


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