Our Toyota GT86

I decided on a Toyota GT86 which is a car I loved right from the day it came out in 2012.

I decided to buy a Cat D car as it was a cost effective way of buying one...or so I thought.

Since I've picked the car up it has had a huge amount replaced with new genuine parts as I wanted the car to be as perfect as it could.

GT86 5
GT86 6
GT86 7

This is it on the jig at Calbrook Coachworks who measured up every part of the chassis to find it was only the very front that needed replacing.

So what are the future plans for GT86 once it's back to life?
For now the stock FA20 engine will be going back in so the car can be used and enjoyed rather than being a huge project that doesn't get used for years.

The plan is to upgrade the brakes and suspension as well as fit a wide bodykit and wheels to be able to handle the future power upgrades.

The first mods we did to the car was to change the tail lights to some Valenti sequential LED ones which made a huge difference in appearance. We also made a custom quad pipe exhaust as the factory ones didn't look right at all.

Due to the passenger factory light being damaged from the crash we upgraded the front pair to some Spec-D headlights with sequential indicators. 

Now for the engine choice we have decided on Toyota's most famous engine of all time the 2JZ GTE. This coupled with some tasty performance upgrades to achieve around 550bhp along with a Nissan 350Z cd009 gearbox should make the car a bit of a weapon.

Thanks to Amber Performance we upgraded the suspension to some Tein Flex A coilovers which has dramatically improved the vehicle handling. 

Due to the ride height we are running the car at we had to add some adjustable arms to the rear. We opted for some Hardrace hardened bush arms, as it is a road car we didn't want to have rose joints because these give a less comfortable ride and they wear out quickly on the road.

Next, with the help of JapWest Mods supporting us with our project build, we stripped our GT86 and sent it off for a new roll cage to be fitted.

Here's some images of the finished cage, we could have had a full cage but being a road car still we wanted to keep some creature comforts up the front. They gave us a choice of any colour but of course we went for blue.

Contact JapWest Mods for any roll cage requirements as these are made to order so any customization can be done.

The next thing we did to our GT86 was install a StanceParts Air Cup Kit which makes it so much easier for us to use the car. We no longer scrape the underside when going over speed bumps and slopes. We also no longer need to jack the car up in order to get the car on the ramp, making the rest of the build so much easier.

So the Fast and The Furious really kicked off the trend of under car neons nearly 20 years ago but as they are now making a come back we thought it was only right to add them to this modern age performance car.


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